Product Description

Glass shape edging machine suitable for edging and polishing the peripheral edge of circular, ellipse and irregular shaped flat glass. The machine can also be operated in a semi-automatic mode for grinding circular and elliptical glass. Using different shaped grinding wheels various types of edging can be achieved, such as half-round, flat edge and arris or pencil edge.

Main Features
1. It is suitable for processing the peripheral edge (such as Pencil Edge, O.G. Edge, Flat Edge with arise and other kinds of edge) and bevel of different size and thickness glass.

2. Adopt vacuum system to adsorb glass on the working table to be processed

3. Use a mechanical step-less reducer to drive the working table or the independent sucking disc rotating so as to grind different size range glass

4. The whole working table rotating is for grinding turning diameter 700mm-2100mm shape glass and the independent sucking disc rotating independently is for grinding turning diameter 100mm-700mm shape glass.

5. The rotating speed of the working table or the independent sucking disc is stepless adjustable so as to meet grinding requirement of different processing glass size, thickness or edge state. 

6. Adopt air cylinder to grind simple shape glass semi-automatically. Three wheels for peripheral edge rough grinding, finished grinding and polishing can be equipped in the grinding Unit at the same time

Technical Parameters

 Power  2.8KW
 Glass diagonal size  100-2000mm
 Bevel angle(degree)  0-20°
 Max. bevel width  30mm
 Max. glass thickness  25mm
 Air consumption  1 L/min
 Pressure  8 kg/cm2
 Machine dimension  1200x1200x1600mm
 Weight  800KGS

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