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  • JDZ-220 Semi-automatic Glass Holes Drilling Machine

Name:JDZ-220 Semi-automatic Glass Holes Drilling Machine
Warranty:18 months
Delivery:10 workdays after deposit
After-sale service:Online support, Free spare parts, Field installation,video technical support

Product Description

Main features

1. The glass drilling machine is suitable for drilling hole for different glass thickness and drilling different diameter hole by equipping with different drilling bits. The machine is good for batch processing.

2. Two drilling spindles, one at the top side and another bottom side. When the glass is put on the table, it is fixed pneumatically and the bottom spindle will rise up automatically to drill while the top drilling spindle works with handle.

3. The cooling water runs inside the core drill so that the cooling effect is directly acted onto the glass without any loss. Holes of different sizes can be achieved with bits of different diameters.

4. This machine works efficiently, it has low glass damage and is easy to operate. The spindle design is sophisticated such that it is strong enough for 24 hours running a day. The rigid and anticorrosive spindle enables maintenance free.

 Technical Parameters

Working voltage

380V 50HZ three phase

Total power


Glass thickness


Max. glass size


Drilling hole tolerance

± 0.3m

Drilling hole diameter


Machine dimension




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