Product Description

CNC Glass Machining Center is a multi function machine, which can drilling, milling, internal and external grinding and polishing, writing, shaped notching, engraving on glass with different heads(grinding wheels, diamond cutter, polishing wheel). This machine need change the head manually. If you want to change the head automatically , We recommend you the ATC machining center(we also have it).

Main Features

1. The overall steel structure welding with tempering aging treatment. The structure is firm.

2. Adopt Taiwan Linear guide rail. The bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, ensure a long-term service life and high accuracy

3. Break point and break knife continue engraving/cutting, milling, polishing function, can do the job any place

4. The intelligent protection work table: prevention of table damage caused by wrong operation or software errors.

5. Advanced Ncstudio control system, control automatically and finish 3D multiple levels processing. Carrying out rapid and smooth 3D processing, carving or cutting, milling, polishing.

6. Good software compatibility, the CAD/CAM design system such as type3/Artcam and so on.

Technical Parameters

 X Y axis travel  3000x1500mm
 Z axis travel  260mm
 Spindle power  7.5 KW,24000 rpm
 Inverter  11KW
 Control system  Ncstudio
 Table structure  seamless cast steel
 Processing precision  ±0.01mm
 Repositioning precision  ±0.01mm
 Max speed  15m/min
 Glass thickness  3~25mm
 Motor  Chint
 Drive  YMPC
 Stroke protection  Japan Omron
 Gear  GERMAN DMJ-1.5M
 Guide Screw bearing  HIWIN
 Lubrication system  TAIRUN
 Cooling type  Water pump
 Main axis cooling  Automatic thermostat cooler
 Main electric  CHINT / SCHNEIDER
 Weight  2200KGS

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