Product Description

2500 series glass washing machine is special designed for tempering line, laminating line, coated glass line. It combines function of three step washing, option of hard and soft brush washing, which is suitable for LOW-E glass. The main delivery system adopt converter, easy to adjust when washing different size and thickness glass. Whole washing part use stainless steel, to improve washing quality. Machine can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Main Features

1. It can be equipment with pretreatment for temper furnace, laminated and insulating glass furnace; all stainless steel clean room, drying room, water tanks pumps, air knife, water pipe, cover, fan housing etc., ensure machine durable, not rust. Good washing performance without any stains on the glass.

2. Frequency converter – low noise and vibration.

3. The covers and water tanks are made of stainless steel, which is durable enough by hard steel(3mm thickness).

4. Washing & Drying section can be risen up to clean out the water shards easily.

5. By using air knives with large power air blower, the glass will be dried fast without any drops both in surface and side-face. 

6. All the machines conveyor rollers is vulcanized rubber rollers.

7. High quality blower placed in a sound-proof acoustic enclosure.

8. This machine is featured in reliable function, good washing effect and easy maintenance. It is not only suitable for the general glass washing but also for the high requirement toughened glass washing and dryness.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V 50HZ
Speed 2~7m/min
Min processing size 400x400mm
Max processing size 2450x3000mm
Glass thickness 3~25mm
Total power 25KW
Machine dimension 6000x3500x2650mm
Weight 2500KGS

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