Product Description

This glass edging machine is used to grind the hemline and two chamfering of flat glass .Rough feed, fine feed and polishing can be completed by one time process. It use felt wheel and cerium oxide to polish hemline which is as shiny as the surface of glass. It adopt the stepless motor adjust the speed, there are “quick” and “slow two range of speed, can change speed smoothly in a big range, easy operation. It is the most popular in glass processing.

Glass Straight Edging polishing Machine

Main Features

1. It is designed for grinding straight line flat edging of different sizes and thickness.

2. The coarse grinding, refine grinding, polishing, and angle-making can be finished in one process.

3. The speed can be widely adjusted by its stepless regulator. Speed alteration is very smooth. In grinding operation, feeding and operation speed can be adjusted at random.

4. Front rails can be adjusted to fit varied thickness of processed glass.

5. It is featured in advanced structure, high precision, easy handling, and high efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage 380V 50HZ three phase or customized
Quantity of grinding heads 9
Input power 19.5KW
Feeding speed 0.5m/min~4.5m/min
Maximum glass size 3000x3000mm
Minimum glass size 100x100mm
Glass thickness 3~25mm
Maximum straight flange grinding 3mm
Maximum edge angle grinding width 2.5mm
Edge angle 45 degree
Machine dimension 6800×1000×2500mm
Weight 3000KGS

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