Product Description

1. This product is an efficient, economical, versatile grinding machine.

2. With small size, light weight, easy to carry, the advantages of simple operation, can grind various rounded edges, straight-edge, pencil edge, beveled edge and other special-shaped edge.

3. No matter what type glass, size, it can do all. If it match our beveling/polishing wheel, the glass edge can be better and can be comparable with the finished edge from large grinding machine.

4. Portable beveling machine is by far the most popular portable grinding machine, It can be for glass, marble, ceramics, rounded edges, straight edge and bevel edge.

5. It is sturdy and durable, which components are produced from EASON and SHAKO,HRB etc.

Safety Instruction

1) Before use this machine, check if the Electrical Wire and Grounding Cord are in good condition (it’s not allowed to use if any broken cord and electrical leakage happens); Check if the motor is in dry condition. It’s better to arrange the Electrical Leakage Protection Device.

2) Wear Insulated Glove when working.

3) For Grinding Wheel Life-Spam and grinding efficiency, sufficient cool water pressure is required.

4) Decrease the machine pressure at sharply-reduced operating speed to avoid overload operation that would damage motor easily.

5) Check Carbon Brush frequently and replace it if in need in time for avoiding wearing out motor rotor.

 Power  850W
 Voltage  220V/110V
 Frequency  50HZ/60HZ
 Motor rotating speed  8000r/min
 Grinding speed  1~4m/min
 Size  28x15x24cm
 Weight  7KGS

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