Product Description

Glass edge beveling machine is the most common one of the glass deep processing machine. It is suitable for grinding beveling edge and with different size and thickness. Set two wheel for rough grinding, four wheels for fine grinding, two pneumatic polishing and one bottom grinding, all can be completed in one procession. The speed of machine driving can be adjusted by stepless derailleur which can adjust the speed at random during the available speed range. The adjustable range of machine driving is large and smooth when change the speed. The adjustment of glass angle and thickness is controlled by motor. It is easy to operate and has good quality grinding and high precision.

glass bevel machine

glass beveling machine

Main Features

1. It is suitable for grinding straight beveled edges of flat glass with different sizes and thicknesses

2. The coarse grinding, refine grinding, polishing can be finished in one process.

3. The base, beam, swing frame, upright column and grinding heads are of casting materials (annealed to prevent deformation),which can bear large loads and has stable performance.

4. The gibs  are of 40 Cr forged materials, whose surfaces is much more durable with high-frequency quenching treatment after fine grinding.(annealed to prevent deformation).They have extreme resistance to abrasion and deformation, as well as the best shock absorbing properties.

5. The beveling grinding head motor is from the international  brand, Electric is from Schneider, and it has aluminum alloy scaffolding line and synchronous belt transmission

6. It is the best glass grinding equipment for processing glass mosaic , craft glass, decoration and furniture glass ,doors and Windows, bathroom mirror and cosmetic.

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  380V 50HZ three phase or customized
 Quantity of grinding heads  9
 Input power  21.5KW
 Feeding speed  0.5m/min4.5m/min
 Maximum glass size  2500x2500mm
 Minimum glass size  100x100mm
 Glass thickness  3~19mm
 Bevel angle  3~25 degree
 Machine dimension  6500×1300×2500mm
 Weight  3000KGS

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