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JTZ10325D-45°  Glass Mitering grinding Machine

This machine is used to grind the hemline and two chamfering of flat glass. No.1No.5 motors are set on the same beam, can move the angle between 0°~ 45°. If angle is 0°, it can process straight line edge; if change to other angle, it can process the miter edging. It use felt wheel and cerium oxide to polish hemline which is as shiny as the surface of glass. It adopt the stepless motor adjust the speed, there are “quick” and slowtwo range of speed, can change speed smoothly in a big range, easy operation. Rough feed, fine feed and polishing can be completed by one time process.

Glass Mitring Edging Machine

Main Features

1. glass grinding edging machine is solid and stable, be annealing processed, not easily deformed; beams and base of wheels be precision machining, then manually scrape smooth to ensure straightness accuracy; heavy machine not shake, low noise, if process big size glass large-sized glass ,keep good quality.

2. It use brand-name special grinding motors, famous brand, which uses a good stale 90 series motor, good appearance and performance, high process requirement, the weight of each motor is more 6kgs than other manufacturers aluminum motor, with enough copper wire, bearing good, low noise, quality assurance, there are 2 adjustable speed; The wheel set on the shaft head of motor directly, in order to wheel, tray and motor work together, ensure strength and precision grinding.

3. glass edge polishing machine ,the worm gear box (connect stepless motor and driving shaft of beam) made in special manufacturer. Its driving shaft made of special steel, gear made of copper (Cu teeth), so the price is high, good quality; it be used with the universal joint of the car, safe, reliable, high-grade appearance and durable.

4. Glass Polishing Beveling Machine input and output conveyor are made of thick steel plate welded , increasing the strength of the machine, solid wood with oil varnish decorative, beautiful and durable; There are 4 rows tight guide wheels on the back of conveyor seal baffle for small size glass processing.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage 380V 50HZ three phase or customized
Quantity of grinding heads 10
Input power 24KW
Feeding speed 0.5m/min~4.5m/min
Maximum glass size 3000x3000mm
Minimum glass size 100x100mm
Glass thickness 3~25mm
Maximum straight flange grinding 3mm
Maximum edge angle grinding width 2.5mm
Edge angle 0~45 degree
Machine dimension 6800×1000×2500mm
Weight 3300KGS

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