Product Description

Main Features

1. It is used to wash 3-12mm glass, with the horizontal structure, it is stable to transmit; stable performance with DELIXI contactor, push-button switches and pilot light.

2. It adopts frequency stepless speed and is easy to operate as the button is concentrated on the operation table, the height of washing tank can be changed to meet the requirement of any glass thickness.

3. Two pairs of brushes assure the washing quality while two pairs of air knives assure the drying.

4. We also have model 1800,2200,2500. different size for your choice. if you have special requirements for the size, customization is available.

Technical Parameters

Power  11.33KW
Voltage  380V 50HZ or customized
Max glass size  1600x2000mm
Min glass size  450x450mm
Transmission speed  1-5m/min
Glass thickness  3~12mm
Machine dimension  2700x2100x1200mm
 Weight  800KGS

Operation Instructions

Start and stop the machine in the following order

1. Turn on the power

2. Adjust the upper air knife as per the glass thickness (four handles on the drying section)

3. Start the air blower within 15 minutes before production.

4. Check if the water tank is full of water

5. Set the hot wind temperature

6. Start the heater

7. Start the water pump

8. Turn on the brush motor

9. Put the glass on the inlet

10. Turn on the inspection light

11. Check the glass on the outlet and take it away

12. Turn off the heater, after 3 minutes turn off the air blower

13. Turn off the light

14. Stop the brush motor

15. Adjust the speed regulator to be lowest position

16. Stop the roller motor

17. Stop the water pump

18. Turn off the power

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