Product Description

This small glass washing machine uses the level horizontal structure, smooth transmission. Using delixi contactor, push button switch, light, stable performance. The machine with stepless speed regulation, the operation button focused on the operation table, the work is convenient. Four pairs of brush ensure the quality of glass cleaning.

Main Features

 1. It includes inlet part, washing part, drying part, and outlet part

 2. The transmission can be adjusted by its stepless regulator

 3. The machine cover and water tank is stainless steel

 4. It has four pairs of brushes and three pairs of sponge rollers

 5. It is one-step washing and equipped with one tank and high pressure pump

 6. It adopts electrical cabinet with press button panel, which is easily and user-friendly operated

 7. The sucking water rollers are made of the quality polymer material, It has strong capacity to absorb water

Technical Parameters

Input power 7KW
Speed 1.5~6m/m
Maximum washing width 300mm
Minimum washing size 30x30mm
Glass thickness 2~12mm
Machine dimension 2000x600x1020mm
Weight 300KGS

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