Product Description

Main Features

1. It is welded with seamless steel structure, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe body is stable and will not deform

2. The table is with air float and air suck table function 

3. Well compatibility:CAD/CAM designing software, such as type3/castmate/wentai/artcam, etc.

4. It is used for cutting of make-up mirror, furniture glass, clock glass, craft glass and other glass.

5. High accuracy, fast speed, easy operation.

Machine details

1. Software: Ncstudio,Wentai

2. English instruction about manual guide, how to install machine

3. AC stepper motor: 4 pcs

4. Cutting head: Auto oil

5. Rack/Guides: Taiwan

6. CAD Designed graph and figure, all cutting are fully automatic

7. The tabletop: The smoothness≤±0.2m

Technical Parameters

Power 380V 50HZ three phase or 220V 50HZ one phase
Maximum cutting size 1300x1300mm
Cutting accuracy ≤0.10mm
Diagonal cutting accuracy ≤0.15mm
Glass thickness 1.5~19mm
Rails Taiwan HINWIN square rails
Machine dimension 1850x1650x1250mm
Weight 1000KGS

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