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  • JTL-CNC-4228 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Line

Name:JTL-CNC-4228 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Line
Warranty:2 years
Glass thickness:3~19mm
Glass cut:any shape
Motor:servo Yaskawa
Delivery:30 workdays
After-sale service:Online support, Free spare parts, Field installation,commission and tradinning,video technical support

Product Description

glass cutting machine

Main Features

1. It consists of automatic glass loader + glass cutting machine + breakout table. Three equipments are controlled by the central controller.

2. Realize glass automatic loading, automatic transmission, automatic positioning, automatic optimization, automatic cutting and breaking.

3. The higher safety, run faster, higher cutting precision, better stability save manpower features. Advanced mechanical structure, famous control system and optimization software. Greatly improve glass cutting quality and high-usage.

4. Japan SMC valve controls the cutting pressure according to different thickness glass

5. Cutter head 360 degree rotation, cutter head buffers up and down for glass and cutter protections

6. High density water-proof table and Imported felt, high flatness, antistatic

7. 3D edge searing system, high precision automatic location function

8. Automatic lubrication system, work in step with cutter head

9. Air float function and belt transmit

10. Linear guide rail makes sure the high cutting precision and low noise


Technical Parameters

ModelMax glass size Thickness Max speed Air pressure
CNC-26202440x2000mm 2~19mm 150m/min 0.6~0.8Mpa
CNC-38263660x2440mm 3~19mm 160m/min 0.6~0.8Mpa
CNC-42284200x2800mm 3~19mm 160m/min 0.6~0.8Mpa
CNC-51335000x3300mm 3~19mm 160m/min 0.6~0.8Mpa

Machine advantage

1. Dual Japan Yaskawa drive servo system, higher speed, excellent mechanical properties

2. Adopting Japan omron PLC, full-automatic intelligent loading, reliable and time-saving.

3. Advanced HITECH touch screen, friendly man machine interface, support various communication port

4. Intelligent USA Galil motion controller, high-performance, Multiple motion patterns

5. Adopting Italian Optima optimization software, automatic layout optimization

6. German Bohle cutter wheels and holder, 360 degree free rotation.

7. Taiwan gear rack and guide rails, high precision.

8. Find edge fast precisly, back to zero fast.

9. Various protection: Includes soft and hard limit, blade pressure limit, external emergency stop control, etc

10. rich graphics library, you can expand the gallery

11. Shaped scanning with high precision, simple graphics can be saved directly.

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